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The One About Played Out Games

November 16, 2018 Dice Hate Me
The State of Games
The One About Played Out Games
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In this jam-packed episode Chris, Darrell, and TC make up for lost time (almost a month since the last episode!) by talking about those modern classics that are influential but are just plain played out and don’t hit the table anymore. All this, plus the bleeding edge of Essen Hotness like Blackout: Hong Kong, Underwater Cities, and Carpe Diem, unfortunate Keyforge deck names, listener shoutouts, Newton, more game theory, & more!  

Watson & Holmes
Trade on the Tigris
Space Park
Daniel Newman's Astrolabe prototype
Strasburg - um, we mean Hansa Teutonica
We actually talk about Strasburg
Champions of Midgard vs. Raiders of the North Sea
Dice Hospital
Deep Madness
Rajas of the Ganges
Gen7 - Newest Crossroads Game
Most Wanted
Chronicles of Crime
Discover: Lands Unknown
Halloween (board game)
Spring Rally (Essen)
Cupcake Empire (Essen)
Underwater Cities (Essen)
Modern Art (Korean version)
Castles of Burgundy
Blackout: Hong Kong
Paper Tales
The Big Score
Carpe Diem (Essen)
Game News!
Unfortunately-named Keyforge Decks
Dead Man's Cabal
The Meat of the Podcast!
Backside of the podcast