The State of Games

The One About The Year That Was

January 16, 2019 Dice Hate Me
The State of Games
The One About The Year That Was
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In this special episode, Chris, Darrell, and TC look back on a year of gaming and share their awards for favorites published last year - and even some discoveries that came out before 2018! All this, plus festivities from the annual DHM Holiday get-together, Escape from Colditz, a special sneak peek at Wingspan, expansions for 7 Wonders and Great Western Trail, fishing, dice, fireballs, Paper Tales, dogs, alpacas, Cryptid, castles, & more!  

Dice Hate Me Holiday get-together games list
Escape from Colditz
100% Beef Showdown
Spell Smashers
Paper Tales
7 Wonders: Armada
Fleet: The Dice Game
The Big Score
Bob Ross: Art of Chill
Here Comes the Dog
Railroad Ink
Great Western Trail: Rails to the North
Meat of the Podcast!
Discoveries of the Year
Games of the Year
Honorable Mentions