The State of Games

The One About a Promising Future in Sales

January 31, 2019 Dice Hate Me
The State of Games
The One About a Promising Future in Sales
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In this episode Chris, Darrell, and TC talk about the subtle art of selling games, what makes a good game versus what makes a good product, and the state of the board game market. All this, plus more Wingspan, Quacks of Quedlinburg, the vaguaries of game design credentials, The Boldest, Architects of the West Kingdom, dead men’s parties, the glory of Glory to Rome, a bit of whining, Heroes of Terrinoth, and more! 

Games & Things
Darrell: Wingspan
Darrell: Compounded
Darrell: Sagrada
Darrell: Arkham Noir
Darrell: Raptor
Darrell: Painting minis
TC: Roll Player
TC: Roll & Writes
TC: California Trip
TC: Heroes of Terrinoth
Chris: More Wingspan
Chris: Quacks of Quedlinburg
Chris: The Boldest
Chris: Architects of the West Kingdom
Chris: Vinyl records
Game News: AEG forum kerfluffle
The Meat of the Podcast
Board games as a product
Board game bubble?
Game industry broken?
Kickstarter bubble?
What makes a game a good product?
Is a game that fails to be a game still a good product?
Industry fluorish more if focus is on gameplay or on product?
Should publishers follow trends?
GMT/Victory Point Games - good products?
Incomplete games that need expansions - good products?
LCGs/CCGs - are they dead? Or perfect products?
Games that are good and bad products
Backside of the podcast